Bros in Beowulf: A New Translation of a Medieval Epic

Published Mar 4, 2021 in Catholic Writing, Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction & Faith, Fiction, Pop Culture ~ Approx 4 mins

“Beowulf,” the Old English epic, received a fresh take in a new translation by Maria Dahvana Headley. It’s astounding from the very first word. Reading this updated classic raises many questions. Are we victims of fate or benefactors of Divine Providence? What makes a good person? And how do we translate ancient texts, like Beowulf or even Scripture, into modern language?

Poverty in Film: Hillbilly Elegy vs. Parasite

Published Dec 8, 2020 in Film, Pop Culture ~ Approx 4 mins

Netflix drama “Hillbilly Elegy” has received criticism for its portrayal of rural poverty in the US, while the Korean poverty-themed film, “Parasite,” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. What’s the difference between the two?