Author: Keith Maczkiewicz, SJ

Keith grew up on Long Island, NY (not in) and first encountered the Jesuits at Fairfield University where he studied history and education. A recent graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, Keith ministers at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. When not listening to musical pieces by Leonard Bernstein and other American composers, he is busy scouring pop-culture sources for positive images of God.

Contact: [email protected]@hollacollar


Hokey-Pokey Lent: Put Your Whole Self In

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A quien corresponda: cartas de recomendación

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To Whom It May Concern: On Letters of Rec


Anhelar algo más: la redención de una misa del gallo mediocre


Longing for More: The Redemption of a Mediocre Midnight Mass

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Cook as Mom Cooks. Love as Mom Loves.

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The Freshman I Never Was


Now and Then: What are you doing next year?


¿Sólo porque es nuestro tiene que ser inútil?


Because it’s ours must it be worthless?