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Damian was a theatre artist (prior to becoming a Jesuit) in his hometown of Kansas City (the Missouri side) and Chicago — mostly playwriting, but dabbling in acting and directing as well. He is an avid belter of showtunes, performer of personal concerts in the car, writer, prayer partner, frequent movie goer, advocate of social justice, and spiritual director. He currently plays the role of deacon and serves at two parishes in Boston: St. Katherine Drexel and the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola. He will be ordained a priest in June 2023.

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Talk 1: God Sees Potential in Everything | 2023 Lenten Retreat: Who do you say that I am?

In this first talk of our 2023 Lenten Retreat, Damian introduces the theme of the retreat: Who Do You Say That I Am? The entire retreat is about seeing more clearly who God is and who we are in God’s eyes. Damian reflects on how God created us in God’s image and so knows us immediately before even forming us.