Judas and the Price of Betrayal | One-Minute Homily

by | Apr 5, 2020 | One-Minute Homily, Videos

Judas had a price. Do we? There are things that we might put before our relationship with God, but Damian Torres-Botello, SJ, reminds us that there is always hope in Christ. Based on the readings for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020.


JUDAS! Ugh! Every time!

Hello! I’m Damian Torres-Botello and this is my One-Minute Reflection.

30 pieces of silver, that’s the price for Judas for Jesus. That’s the price of a household slave way, way back in the day, 30 pieces of silver. Judas had his price, what’s yours?

The price for our betrayal doesn’t need to be cash or coin, but it could be our career, our ambitions, our achievements, comfort, material possessions, anything that we place in absolute priority or primary over God. So much so that God is no longer in our purview, perhaps ignored, maybe completely forgotten.

What’s wonderful, though, is that God does not turn away from us. Even though Jesus saw his own betrayal, Jesus did not reject his disciples, nor allow their anxiety to silence God’s Word, or keep him from turning to God in his hour of need. Jesus continued to give and share.

What have we done for Christ? What are we doing for Christ? What ought we do for Christ? Some food for thought.


Damian Torres-Botello, SJ

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