Wash Your Hands. And Fold Them in Prayer. A Catholic Response to the Coronavirus

Published Mar 13, 2020 in Current Events, In the News ~ Approx 5 mins

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has moved from the far reaches of Wuhan, China to stretch around the world. The WHO officially declared it a global pandemic. Many are vulnerable in different ways: those who are sick, those at risk of being sick, and those afraid of being sick. How are we to respond? Our faith and religious formation can help us. Here’s how.

Catholic 101: Planning a Catholic Wedding

Published Jun 28, 2019 in Catholic 101, Faith & Family ~ Approx 9 mins

So you’re getting married- congratulations! Now how do you go about planning your Catholic wedding? This first installment of the Catholic 101 series at The Jesuit Post will address many of the questions you might be having. How do I start? What is marriage prep? What if I’m marrying a non-Catholic? This is a resource to help you on your way.

Broadway Rush

Published Sep 24, 2012 in Uncategorized ~ Approx 9 mins

New kid on the block Matt Stewart filed his first essay (mini-community, empathy, and what we want from Broadway) from the curb outside the Bernard B. Jacobs theater. Entree.