“Wounded Hands”: A Song about Christ’s Love

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Music, Pop Culture

I am super excited to share my new song “Wounded Hands,” now available on all streaming platforms! Writing this song was a spontaneous prayer. More so than any other song I’ve written so far. I went to Mass and Confession at a parish nearby where I live in Chicago. My penance for Confession was to spend some time praying with the wounded hands of Jesus, contemplating how He is present in my struggles and my wounds. 

After lingering in the Church a while, I came home and went straight to my little studio. I tinkered around with a beat and almost instantly the chorus to the song flowed out onto the page of my notebook: “I’m doing my best, the best that I can. The fact of the matter is I’m just a man, holding my wounds and my weaknesses in my wounded hands. Who could’ve guessed that He’d be a man? Take on my flesh to do all that I can’t. Holding my wounds and my weaknesses in His wounded hands.”

Slowly, I am getting the sense that Jesus and I are holding my wounds and weaknesses together. In His flesh, in His wounds, Jesus is bearing the wounds of my life. He is bearing my sins, my sufferings, my difficulty and doubt. He is patiently persisting as Emmanuel: God with us. God with me. Even in my stubbornness and my resistance.

Give the song a listen, share it with a friend. I hope it will be as much a prayer for you in listening as it was for me in writing. 

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Timothy Bishop, SJ

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