Pentecost Sunday: The Holy Spirit Brings Peace | One-Minute Homily

by | May 23, 2021 | One-Minute Homily, Videos

It’s Pentecost Sunday! As we reflect on the gift of the Holy Spirit, Josef Rodriguez, SJ, reminds us that the Holy Spirit brings peace and forgiveness. Based on the readings for Pentecost Sunday 2021.

Happy birthday, Church! It’s Pentecost Sunday!

I’m Josef Rodriguez, and this is my one-minute reflection. 

When we think of Pentecost, we usually imagine the tongues of fire coming down upon Mary and the apostles. This is definitely a dramatic entrance on the part of the Holy Spirit. But how much do we remember that the Holy Spirit is less about fire and drama, and more about breath and peace? 

In John’s Gospel, the risen Christ appears to the disciples with the greeting, “Peace be with you.” He breathes the Holy Spirit on them, much like when the Creator breathed life into Adam. Jesus then tells them to forgive the sins of others. It becomes clear that the Holy Spirit brings forgiveness and peace. No wonder the Holy Spirit is called “the greatest of consolers!”

At our Confirmation, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, a gift we aren’t meant to keep for ourselves. Peace is something to be shared. In a world in such need of peace, we can do our part by offering forgiveness and breathing new life into our broken relationships.


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