Emmy Awards: What You Missed

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Pop Culture, TV

The Emmys: a night when all of our favorite TV stars get dressed up and gather together to celebrate the best of the year.  I have always loved these awards especially when TV shows that I have watched win: I feel a little sense of accomplishment that I chose the right show.  This year they moved the show to a Monday night, just to spice things up.

With all that said, here are my hot takes:

  • I was ready to pull a Kanye West when “Game of Thrones” won again, because honestly this final season of “The Americans” was genius, the last episode is still causing me anxiety.

  • “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is great and deserved all of the awards, I just wish Amy Sherman-Palladino had spent some of this energy on the last season of “Gilmore Girls.”
  • Where is the love for the favorite show of our Moms, “NCIS”? Consistently one of the most watched shows in America, consistently ignored by the Emmy’s.  
  • #JesuitEducated co-host, Colin Jost aka Mr. Scarlett Johansson, and Michael Che should stick to Weekend Update. 


  • Acceptance Speeches- I have a brand new appreciation for them, especially when they are filled with gratitude.  Regina King’s acceptance was a wonderful moment for an actress who knocked it out of the park in “Seven Seconds”.  


  • The Proposal-  Of all the acceptance speeches this year, one obviously stands out.  Glenn Weiss won for outstanding directing for a variety special, it was his 14th time winning (show off).  This 14th time on stage, he used his time to propose to his girlfriend.

While his now fiance was obviously surprised, the reaction shots from the various celebrities were great as well, the room was filled with joy.

  • Grief and Loss- So many actors and actresses won for portraying characters that suffered a lot. Regina King won for her role as a grieving mother in “Seven Seconds”.  Rachel Brosnahan won for her role as a wife who husband suddenly leaves her in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. Matthew Rhys, as a Soviet Spy, lost the American Dream in “The Americans”. He lost it so hard I’ll never be able to ride Amtrak again without thinking of one of the final scenes. These characters probably could have used a good pastoral care conversation. Thankfully there are folks being trained to do that (I know a few! Heck, I might be one of them?), but that doesn’t make for exciting TV…yet.  
  • Predictions for next year: NCIS will not be nominated…again.  Game of Thrones will win…again. Alice Isn’t Dead, based on the podcast by the same name, will be nominated for a lot of awards. And I will never be asked to comment on TV again due to extreme bias because my sister’s brother-in-law works in Hollywood.



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