St. Ignatius Loyola vs Roch Gonzales de Santa Cruz

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St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491–1556)
Why play by the rules when you can make up your own? In an age where some people thought that there were too many religious orders in the Church, Ignatius founded the largest male religious order in the Roman Catholic Church. A former Spanish nobleman, he had a conversion experience while recovering from a battlefield injury and never looked back, traveling to the Holy Land and then attending the University of Paris, where he met St. Francis Xavier and Saint Peter Faber. Together they put together the ultimate Dream Team: the seven men who formed the first members of the Jesuit order.Besides the ability to inspire people to follow him, Ignatius brings excellent communications skills to the game, owing to his experience navigating the Church of the Renaissance. Having survived a battlefield injury and done rehab before pain pills, he is impervious to injury and will play through the pain. His focus and discipline are second to none: once he spent a year in prayer in a cave alongside Manresa.
St. Roch Gonzales de Santa Cruz (1576–1628)
A native son, Roch received personal coaching from his local bishop and then the Jesuits who opened a school in his hometown of Asuncion in Paraguay. He turned down the GM position (vicar general) of his first team to start a club team in a rural area (the reductions).First he had to teach the natives to play ball. Then he had to make the team economically viable. His success brought invitations to start other teams throughout the Amazon basin. He died in action when a jealous witch doctor split open his skull with an axe.Roch is a humble sleeper with lots of experience building and revitalizing teams. He plays, coaches, and manages. Moreover, his success inspired the biggest movie since Hoop Dreams: The Mission.



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