TJPodcast: If My Soul Were an iPad…

"Tap Twice Cut Once" by Eric Rice at Flickr

“Tap Twice Cut Once” by Eric Rice at Flickr

If my soul were an iPad, then my prayer would be…. all those crazy finger gestures that are hard to explain but everyone knows by now, even three-year-olds: the drag, the swipe, the pinch, and the spread. Every one of our days opens hundreds of applications, filling our mind and soul’s screens with piles of files and documents, the hopes, fears and plans of our daily life. And unfortunately our mind doesn’t keep them on a clean grid like applications on an iPad. How can we make sense of all these things? How can we organize them to speak to us? How can we find a common thread in the piles of today that can spring us deeply into tomorrow? I have a couple of ideas, but maybe I’m crazy. What do you think?


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