It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Timber!

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Bieber was arrested–It’s going down, I’m yelling timber!

[Feel free to play the song in the background as you read]

While Ke$ha is the go to icon for young binge drinkers, Bieber’s all too public downward spiral might be giving Ke$ha a run for her money.

Swing your partner round and round.
End of the night, it’s goin’ down.

I wish I understood my obsession with Ke$ha.  Perhaps I’m just in awe at the way she carved out an image in such a saturated niche of cliche music.  Her absurd videos probably help, a collection of NSFW montages worthy of The Wolf of Wall Street.  How can you not be entertained by laser guns shooting rainbows at unicorns, added bonus: James Van der Beek!  Not that any of us have watched them… don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

Ke$ha sold herself as the top spokesperson for our hook-up and binge drinking college subculture.  It might be exhilarating to flirt with danger, but seriously, nobody can live like that 24/7.  Ke$ha and now Mr. Bieber have come to show us that famous pop star or not, the party can’t last forever.  Even if you self-medicate through copious amounts of drugs, sex, and alcohol at some point the music is going to stop.

Martin Lehmann /

Martin Lehmann /

One more shot, another round.
End of the night, it’s goin’ down.

And yet, we are all glued to the screen as Ke$ha, Miley or the beloved Biebs spiral out of control. Why?  Why God? Why can’t we stop? In the case of Ke$ha the infectious beats and pop hooks certainly tap into a deep yearning. It resonates with most of us whether we hit the club or not. What she proposes is often an all night rager. We’re not satisfied feeling incomplete and we have two basic choices: face the incomplete and embrace the yearning or flee to a drug of our choice, or if you really want to “die young,” just combine them all.

We about to clown – why?
Cause it’s about to go down.

Facing our incompleteness requires space and time for reflection, taking a tiny break from the noise and distraction of our busy world. Otherwise we’re doomed to constantly seek our own remedies to the nagging emptiness and yearning that is part of the human condition.  All too often it ends poorly and in some cases like Ke$ha or TMZ’s newest pop star train wreck it might require a time out. We could all use some space for quiet. [You might want to stop playing the song now…]

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber.


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