TJPodcast: The Morning Paper, Bicycles, and Prayer – Engaging the Drama of Life

by | Nov 20, 2013 | TJPodcast

"Lutz Lake Fern Road Bike Lane," by Daniel Oines at Flickr

“Lutz Lake Fern Road Bike Lane,” by Daniel Oines at Flickr

Every week, I look forward to reading the “Lives” section of the New York Times Magazine, which offers a brief, true story of a random moment from a random person’s life. One such piece told the story of an unknown cyclist, who each day pedaled past the author’s house, causing him to wonder how much human drama the cyclist had witnessed “from the perch of her bicycle seat.”

Witnessing is one thing, but coming down from one’s “bicycle seat” is another. All of us witness so much human drama each day of our lives, so how can we resist the temptation to just pedal right past it and engage this drama? Here’s what I came up with… what do you think?

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