TJPodcast: The Papal Interview – One People, One Web

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Papal Interview, TJPodcast

"Web," by Bart at Flickr

“Web,” by Bart at Flickr

Like so many people around the world, we loved reading Pope Francis’ head-turning interview.  Still haven’t had a chance to read it yourself?  Fear not!  This special edition TJPodcast touches on our favorite nuggets from the papal interview and unpacks them a bit. Trust us, we can talk for hours, but lucky for you no computer can handle the both of us for very long.  We hope this adds some positive pausing to your day. Let us know your thoughts!

(…and yes, you’re gonna have to listen in to find out why that spider web pic is up there…)

Love and prayers!

Adam and Martin


Music credits: “Fate of the Sun,” by HansAtom,, (2013 – Licensed under Creative Commons)


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