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Advertising traffics in values.  Ads beam us with logos, perfect faces, catchy tunes, and promises, all so that we’ll value their product.  And with the average global marketing expenditures at several hundred billion dollars a year, you can tell they want to make a believer out of you.

Tweet us @TheJesuitPost #whatsyoursign with your favorite ad or a logo.

Tweet us @TheJesuitPost #whatsyoursign with your favorite ad or a logo.

But each one of us has a shot at being an active shaper, rather than just a passive absorber, of market values.

As usual, empowerment begins with awareness.  What are the messages that the market wants me to believe?  Which ones have I bought into?  Who’s tattooed me with their logo, maybe without my realizing it?

And, most importantly: As someone who can also influence the market, what would I want my logo to look like?

We want you in on the conversation.  Tweet us @TheJesuitPost #whatsyoursign with an ad or a logo.  Let us know what values it’s trying to get across.  Or send us a line from a commercial that tries to get you to believe something, or to feel afraid, excited, empowered, or inadequate.  Check out some samples below.