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Throwback Thursday is going to throw you back about 65 million years to summer of 1994. I was sitting in the doctor’s office and – pious little boy that I was – I read a Bible that was on the bookshelf (I guess The Berenstain Bears weren’t doing it for me that day). As I read Genesis and Adam and Eve, I remember asking myself, “Where are the dinosaurs?”

The summer before, I had seen 1993’s highest grossing movie – “Jurassic Park.” It had amazing special effects, spawned a lucrative movie franchise, and sold lots and lots of merchandise. But most importantly, it allowed many kids to dream of being paleontologists. Me included.

The movie enthralled me because it allowed me to dream big and to be curious about the world around me. After “Jurassic Park”, I devoured dinosaur books like pizza. My learning took me away from Philadelphia’s Main Line and led me all over the world and millions of years back in time. In short, “Jurassic Park” flipped a switch that gave a not-quite seven year old the desire to learn, to grow, and to appreciate all that God had done in a universe billions of years old.

What movie(s) inspired you, allowed you to dream big, and caused you to appreciate the beauty and wonder of learning? What movie allowed you to grow and to find gifts and desires you didn’t think that you had? Post your movie selection in the comments section of the page below. In the meantime, check out some choice clips of this classic flick.

We have a Brachiosaurus reaching on his tippy-toes for tasty leaves…


As well as a deceptively cute dilophosaurus who hops into the sweet Jeep Wrangler of Dennis Nedry (aka “Newman” from Seinfeld)


Has you ever looked at water in a glass the same way? I thought not.


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