Weeks in Review — Feb. 24 – March 9, 2013

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Weeks in Review

Weeks in Review

Well, there’s an obvious place to start this edition of “Weeks in Review” … the cry room at your local parish, which Joe Simmons would like to thank parents for not using. Based on the response in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter, this one struck a nerve. As Joe put it, there’s a joy to hearing little kids in church, and gratitude for the parents who are willing to risk that joyful noise: “Your ‘yes’ to kids helps the rest of us say ‘yes’ to the God who chooses the messiness of the human condition.”

And then there’s the other obvious place to start: TJP’s resignation and pre-conclave roundup.

Habemus papal news!

  • New to the pages of TJP, Pau Vidal, writing from a refugee camp in Africa, offers us some insights into interpreting the papal resignation from Benedict’s Ash Wednesday remarks, “imagining a community of followers of Jesus – a Church – from which no one is excluded.”
  • Michael Rossmann, also writing from Africa, on what his Tanzanian students say an African pope would mean to them.
  • We’ve also republished Fr. James Martin’s “Habemus Me” from America magazine, suggesting one way to figure out the answer to “What did the Jesuit say when he was elected pope?”
  • And finally, if you’re more focused on trying to game the conclave:

TJP on Policy

Throwbacks You Can’t Take With You
… or some of TJP’s recurring features:

A couple of laughs …

… and a bit more of Lent

And while you’re catching up with all of that, we’ll be catching our breath, praying for the Church and cardinals during the conclave, and getting ready to read everything we can about and by our next Pope. When we do, you can be sure to read all about it here at TJP.


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