#tbt – Throwback Thursday Abides, Man

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Lebowski by Sleeper Cell at Flickr

Trust me, man, this Throwback Thursday will really tie The Jesuit Post together. “The Big Lebowski” was released fifteen years ago this week and we all delighted in witnessing The Dude’s hijinx with his pals Walter Sobchak and Donny Kerabotsos. They bravely battled nihilism, a fake kidnapping, family quibbles, known pornopgraphers, an overly-aggressive Malibu sheriff, and a teenage car thief in their quest to exact justice on those responsible for soiling a valued rug. And they went bowling…a lot.

Even more than The Dude’s fabled rug, this movie ties people together. This ranges from college bros (and Jesuits) yelling, “OVER THE LINE!!” when out bowling to entire gatherings of Little Lebowski Urban Achievers sharing the memories of The Dude who’s taking it easy for all us sinners out here. Let’s celebrate a man – and I’m talking about The Dude here – who was the right man for his time and place, showing us all that our favorite love can ease the pain of even the worst situations. For The Dude, it was bowling – what about you?

Who can forget the great Jackie Treehorn production, “Gutterballs”?

Please, Walter – tell us what happens when one finds a stranger in the Alps.

John Tuturro recounts his time playing The Jesus and the organic way he and the Coen Brothers developed this colorful character.


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