Throwback Valentine’s Day – #tbt

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Jack B Quick "Letter to Cupid" Tacky Ugly Cardigan Sweater via Flickr.

Editor’s Note: Feeling nostalgic? Does The Boss make you want to bump into your old high school buddies? Do you remember one year to be a “very good year”? Do you quote the prophet Macklemore and spread his “only 99 cents” message? Then Throwback Thursdays are for you! Each week we’ll turn back the clock and relive the best that pop culture had to offer.

It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s a time for being with that special someone and letting him/her know what (s)he means to you. As for us celibate guys, it’s… well, nevermind. Roll film!

Heartbroken this year? Ralph Wiggum feels your pain:

Wishing to impress that special someone with a potion that turns you into a cooler, more confident version of you? Take a swig of some of Steve Urkel’s cool elixir:

Saint Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been a loving time. Don’t believe me? Just ask Chicago mobsters and boxer Jake LaMotta:

What did I miss? What are some of your favorite pop culture Valentine’s Day memories? We want to hear from you! Either let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page, or tweet at us (@TheJesuitPost) with #tbt. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cover photo by TheUglySweaterShop via Flickr.


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