Week in Review — November 26 – December 2, 2012

by | Dec 2, 2012 | Week in Review

This Week in Review is a bit smaller than last week’s gargantuan update, but we’ve still got big news. As Advent kicks off, we’re beginning to celebrate the season with an ongoing Christmas playlist of both sacred and secular music. Each day from now to Christmas, we’ll feature a new song on the front page from your suggestions, and we’re still accepting more — check out Eric Sundrup’s  post announcing the project here for more information.

Of course, we’re not only listening to Christmas music. Here’s the other stuff that’s been going on this week:

  • It’s almost like being there — but as Michael Rossmann has learned while streaming video and Skyping from Tanzaniaalmost is still not yet.
  • Vinny Marchionni hung out with SLU students — aka “Miracle Makers” — at a Dance Marathon fundraiser, aiming more for solidarity than sympathy
  • Martin Luther could diss with the best of them, as Tim O’Brien finds out.
  • “All things rude and nasty/The Lord God made the lot.” — St. Ignatius Principle and Foundation according to Monty Python? When it comes to studying parasites, that’s exactly what John Shea sees — even when he’s thinking about Advent and Christmas.
  • Even though he decided to lay the blame for Riverdance on him, Perry Petrich bids adieu to Martin Fay of the chieftains, among others, in this week’s You Can’t Take It With You.

As Advent begins, we hope that you continue to find God in all things — maybe even including parasites, and in many things here at TJP. Spread the wealth and share the love: one of the minor miracles of the internet, of course, is that something like TJP gets bigger, not smaller, the more it’s shared. We’ll see you back here, next Week in Review.


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