Presidential Hip-Hop Battle

Why so serious, friends?

Oh, right.  Tomorrow sees the future of the free world decided. And would we be fit to call ourselves Catholic if we didn’t provide a voter guide to help choices on Tuesday? Well, “voter guide” might be a little strong. So let me just say this:

When you exercise the blessed franchise, you can base your vote on months of in-depth news coverage punctuated by a never-ending stream of approved messages. You can pore over the party platforms, polling data, and debate performances. Or, you can just watch this three-minute rap battle that succinctly presents the talking points of both candidates.

(And, I wonder: what does it say that an ironic rap battle gets at the issues behind the issues more directly than 4-and-a-half hours of debate?)

Editor’s Note: The content of the video above does reflect the views of The Jesuit Post, the Society of Jesus, the Catholic Church, or – we hope – any thinking people anywhere.


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