Presidential Hip-Hop Battle

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Eagle and American Flag by Bubbels via WikiCommons.

Why so serious, friends?

Oh, right.  Tomorrow sees the future of the free world decided. And would we be fit to call ourselves Catholic if we didn’t provide a voter guide to help choices on Tuesday? Well, “voter guide” might be a little strong. So let me just say this:

When you exercise the blessed franchise, you can base your vote on months of in-depth news coverage punctuated by a never-ending stream of approved messages. You can pore over the party platforms, polling data, and debate performances. Or, you can just watch this three-minute rap battle that succinctly presents the talking points of both candidates.

(And, I wonder: what does it say that an ironic rap battle gets at the issues behind the issues more directly than 4-and-a-half hours of debate?)

Editor’s Note: The content of the video above does reflect the views of The Jesuit Post, the Society of Jesus, the Catholic Church, or – we hope – any thinking people anywhere.


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