IggyGram: What if Ignatius Had a Smartphone?

by | Nov 19, 2012 | MAG+S & WYD



What if Ignatius Had a Smartphone?  Better bet he’d be using it for the greater glory.

We’ve got two opportunities for you to do the same:

  • Here at The Jesuit Post we’re sponsoring a Photo Contest to promote Magis 2013.  We asked you all to submit images that capture the meaning of “magis,” and you came through in spades – now we just need to vote on a winner.  This is unquestionably the best last chance you’ll have to see democracy in action (no, for real, ever), so do us a solid and vote on the your favorite of the 3 finalists right here (before midnight Nov 19 that is).
  • If you missed the TJP sponsored chance to indulge your inner shutterbug there’s still time to do it.  TJP is also working with the California Province’s Framing God Photo and Video contest, and… they’re still accepting submissions… plus you could win 150 bones.  Check out the latest photos and submit your own for your chance to help us picture the Gospel.

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