Week in Review – October 22-28, 2012

by | Oct 28, 2012 | Week in Review

Are #firstworldproblems tweets themselves a #firstworldproblem? Vinny Marchionni wonders if sarcastically hash-tagging ourselves is getting in the way of #onehumancommunity.

We’re certainly no strangers to the sarcastic and self-referential possibilities of social media. (In fact, we invented #notheretics at one point, though it hasn’t – yet – taken off.) But we’re even more committed to the way social media and the web can help us pay better and deeper attention to the world around us. Here’s what we paid attention to this week:

When you want faith, hope, and love, rooted in real life, we hope TJP’s high on your list, and that we’ll see you back here often – maybe even sooner than next Week in Review.


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