Worth Watching: The Other Story in London

The 2012 Olympic Games are now underway in London, and the media can’t get enough. In addition to the usual Bob Costas marathon, there’s also been fashion coverage of the Opening Ceremony, a fascinating glimpse at just how many calories the athletes must consume for peak performance, and the unexpected sideshow of Mitt Romney’s turbulent international debut in the United Kingdom.

But our Vinny Marchionni, who had his TJP Olympic debut last Friday, thinks that it’s not just Romney, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps who are making waves over in the UK. Vinny recently took a few moments to talk with the folks at the Ignatian News Network about three special Jesuit connections on this year’s USA Swimming team. Check it out:

As this year’s swimming events unfold, we’ll be watching Missy, Connor, and Scott closely… and of course with just a wee bit of pride. Good luck!

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