Week in Review — July 9-14, 2012

by | Jul 15, 2012 | Week in Review

Chris Schroeder’s dilemma for movie night in the novitiate at the beginning of his career: “How was I to find a movie that perfectly encapsulated that I was both fun-loving and serious, both youthful and mature, both off-beat and not too artsy or intellectual?  Most of all, how was I going to find a movie that showed exactly how authentic (heart-breakingly, importunately authentic, mind you) I was?” It’s no accident he wound up writing for TJP. He finds another both/and answer in Wes Anderson’s most recent film, Moonrise Kingdom.

Here at TJP, we’re continuing to both/and faith and culture:

What will TJP both/and next? You can find out, as always, next Week in Review.


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