Week in Review — May 14-20, 2012

by | May 21, 2012 | Week in Review

It’s season finale week and there are graduations galore!   Lots of people are moving on and moving out. Here at TJP, we also like to move it.

Branden Busse looked at the joy and grief that come with moving on.

Why are some movies so moving?  Why does a late night re-run of the Shawshank Redemption always costs Jeff Sullivan 2 hours of his life and a full bag of oreos.   Simply put, we crave the Bromance.

Even though Agent 007 might have been too emotionally distant to admit he craved bromace, you can still listen to just about every super villian saying the phrase 007 on youtube.  And if you really are that bored, you’ll definitely want to see what Tim O’Brien had to say about boredom and the Internet.

Speaking of boredom and the Internet, Facebook, that wonderful land where productivity goes to die, went public this week.  Joe Simmons looked at our need for attention in Life, Death and Facebook.

Are you Spiritual but not Religious?  No! Not you too?  Jason Brauninger would like a word with you. Actually, he’d like 1737 of them, but who’s counting?

While we’re focused on words, allow us to recommend Jay Hooks podcast interview with renowned New York Playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis. Now there’s a guy who can move you with words.

Whether you moving on, moving out, moving in or just trying to keep moving, there’s always plenty to move you in the Week in Review.


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