Week in Review — Mar. 4-10, 2012

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Week in Review

Despite the fact that Tim O’Brien kicked off the week by calling for us to just give up we’re back again, this time reviewing what was up with TJP during the second week of Lent.  And just what was up, you ask?  Well…

  • Michael Rozier kicked off the week with a bang, eloquently framing our contemporary health care controversy.  He asks us to consider the kinds of moral evil in which we’re already involved, and whether the contraception law limits our religious freedom unnecessarily.
  • On a lighter, but no less important note, Ryan Duns does what many thought impossible – explaining the difference between apophatic and cataphatic prayer using an example from Dora the Explorer.  Don’t step to this guy.
  • And in case you missed it, TJP sent our resident roving geek John Shea to the Dr. Who convention in Los Angeles.  After surviving a near-fatal attack from the Morbius costume, he returned proclaiming that we ought to “desire to be rated as worthless and a [geek] for Christ.”
  • If attacks by costumed men aren’t your style we bet you’ll enjoy Perry Petrich’s hard hitting critique of the NFL’s recent bounty hunting scandal.
  • If you’re still looking for some Lenten activities we’ve got a few options:
    • First?  Try Brendan Busse, who quotes Joni Mitchell by asking us to look at both sides now.
    • If that doesn’t hit the spot maybe turn to Joe Simmons, who reveals that teachers sometimes secretly have favorite students – and that his favorites are the ones who try to put words to life’s great questions.
    • Still coming up empty?  Turn to old standby Tim O’Brien, who refutes the common claim that Catholics can’t sing.
  • TJP’s techies were hard at work last week as well.  After confessing to spending much of the day on the feedback loop of an Apple liveblog, Sam Sawyer checks his resolutionary impulse to immediately buy a new IPad.  Not to be outdone, Matt Dunch complexifies the simple (and often lovely) TED talks in order to give us a glimpse of the “wonder and humility” of true learning.

We’re very grateful for all of you who are visiting us here at TJP.  And we like you too, so don’t go letting yourself get sick with the March Madness that’ll be going around this week.


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