TJP Video: Paul Simon and Jesuit Missionaries

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TJP Video - Paul Simon and Christian Missionaries

Maybe it’s some suppressed voyeurism but I love reading oral histories, and a few months ago I read a strong one on the history of Saturday Night Live appropriately called Live from New York.  Now Saturday Night Live started before I was born, and the only time I really made a practice of watching it was during the late Chris Farley years (I still have great memories of him wearing a faux-championship belt and no shirt while yelling “I am El Nino!“), but I still remember my Dad telling me stories of how much he loved Ackroyd and Martin as the wild and crazy guys, or John Belushi’s samurai delicatessen skits.

Ahem, but as I was saying… one of the tidbits I picked up was that Chevy Chase was originally the most famous guy of that incredibly famous original SNL cast, and apparently there was one simple reason why he got so famous before everyone else.  He said his name during every episode.  That’s it.

The only real reason to bring this up (other than giving me an excuse to watch a half dozen old SNL videos) is because Jay Hooks is apparently stealing a page out of Chevy’s playbook.  In his latest installment, he has brought TJP editor Eric Sundrup along for the ride.  Yet again, we cut Jay loose and let him insist that all other tropical storms… err, TJP contributors, bow before the Jay Hooks.


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