Be Kind…

by | Mar 11, 2012 | Lent, Spirituality

I was walking through campus today and I noticed that a few students were wearing similar hooded sweatshirts.  Printed in bold white letters on the front of these navy blue hoodies were two words: Be Kind.

My apologies to the younger crowd, but I’m a child of the 80’s – so I stopped walking and waited for them to pass me by so that I could check the back of their sweatshirts.  I was hoping that it would read, in a true genius of retro fashion move, “Rewind.”

Unfortunately, college students apparently aren’t as hip as I am, because the back of their hoodies were blank.  Those of you who are as hip as I am will no doubt remember the ubiquitous “Be Kind Rewind” stickers on every VHS tape we picked up from the rental store.  All you young’uns can read about that antiquated tech here.

But I seem to have gotten off point.  I was trying to say this: those kids got something right with their blue Be Kind hoodies.  And what a simple, yet important message they had.  It made me think; if you are still struggling for something to do for Lent, why not just try… being kind.  You can even check YouTube where TJP contributor James Martin can be found dishing out some practical tips to help you be kind this Lent.

As an added bonus, you don’t even have to bother rewinding at the end… unless you really like being retro.


Editor’s note: this video was originally published by our brothers at America magazine.  You can watch the original here.


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