The Unexpected Joy of Cleaning Your Room

  Jun 23, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

For me cleaning is hectic, but it is also a heck of a lot of fun. Joyful even! Finding old objects invokes time and place, like an engraved flask I got for being a groomsman when I was a teenager. There are also pictures of friends and receipts from meals long forgotten. I am also thinking of spiritual cleanings, and the moment to examine where I am and where I have been.

How Seventh Graders Taught Me to Pray

  Jun 9, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

It’s easy for me to offer Jesus a litany of tragedies I’ve read about in the news. I know plenty of dying parents and sick friends and incarcerated brothers worthy of my attention in prayer. But it’s amazing what young lives can teach about life and prayer when I pay attention to God at work around me.

Cancel Culture: Walking the Line Between Mercy and Justice

  May 19, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

I’m living in the time of cancel culture. I notice that the news about cancel culture often triggers my temper because of how outrageous it can be. Although anger can be righteous whenever the news about cancel culture triggers my temper, I immediately want to react with everything I have. I want to ostracise the thing that causes harm to me and society. Those things do not deserve to exist, and, by wiping them out, society will be better, at least that’s what I think.

Flores and The Bugatti: On Finding Time for Friends

  Apr 14, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

It took me some time to learn what God was trying to teach me through Sinesio, the man who, for over 25 years, kept the novitiate grounds a paradise, more heaven than Hollywood, with his care and hard work. But, God eventually got through as God has a way of doing. God will offer life lessons where we least expect them, and sometimes, when we least want them.

I Am a Jesuit and I Am an Alcoholic

  Apr 8, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

I stopped drinking during the last semester of my regency, a stage of Jesuit formation where we work in a Jesuit institution. My last binge led me to see how my story with alcohol was going to end. If I kept on drinking, I would have left the Jesuits and continued deteriorating. In this “moment of clarity,” I decided that I needed to stop drinking in order to live. Though I am writing this anonymously, my story is a truth I carry with me. I am a Jesuit, and I am an alcoholic.

Socrates, Ignatius of Loyola, and Social Media Etiquette

  Mar 31, 2021  Blogs, Holy Week, Social Media, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

In this Holy Week, I remember Jesus’s words on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” I ask for forgiveness, for the damage that I have caused unknowingly, and I forgive those who have damaged me with their words and actions. Join me as I reflect how an ancient Greek philosopher and a late-medieval Spanish Basque Priest guide me on using social media for the greater good.