Discerning the Culture: Movies and TV Shows (Part I)

Published Oct 23, 2020 in Discerning the Culture, Film, Pop Culture, Social Media, TV ~ Approx 7 mins

In a time where screens, digital streaming services and social media consumption seem to be the “daily bread”, is there a way to ensure we are discovering God in all of it? This new series gives some practical tips to discern God’s voice in the culture. This edition is part one of how to discern God’s voice in movies and TV shows.

Is God Punishing Us?

Published Apr 6, 2020 in In the News, Pope Francis ~ Approx 4 mins

“I can’t but help think God is punishing us,” my 87-year old great aunt from Rhode Island recently said to me over the phone. I was listening to her thick New England accent as we discussed a world shaken and upended by the Coronavirus. She then reminded me that in 10 minutes we would need […]

Searching for God with NF

Published Aug 23, 2019 in Art, Music, Pop Culture ~ Approx 6 mins

The rapper NF came out with a new album about fame, success, mental health and, ultimately, the desire for a relationship with God. We break down the album with the help of St. Thomas Aquinas.