Humility and Anti-Racism | Know Justice, Know Peace: A Jesuit Antiracism Retreat

  Aug 14, 2020  Justice, Know Justice Know Peace, Race, Series, Spirituality, Videos ~ Approx 22 mins

Humility plays a vital role in anti-racism work. Intellectual and moral humility allows individuals to admit complicity in a culture of racism and commit themselves to the ongoing struggle of anti-racism. By looking at the Call of Simon Peter, contemplating the story of Martha and Mary, and meditating on what it means to be “childlike,” Sullivan McCormick invites us to reflect on where in our lives we might need more humility as anti-racists.

Is God Punishing Us?

  Apr 6, 2020  In the News, Pope Francis ~ Approx 4 mins

“I can’t but help think God is punishing us,” my 87-year old great aunt from Rhode Island recently said to me over the phone. I was listening to her thick New England accent as we discussed a world shaken and upended by the Coronavirus. She then reminded me that in 10 minutes we would need […]