Something I Never Thought About, Jesuits as Plastic Surgeons?

  Mar 23, 2021  Religious Life, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

Throughout my four years as an undergraduate pre-med student, and my seven years as a Jesuit walking the path to become a physician, I never considered a career in plastic surgery. I was in new territory this past December during my third year of medical school when I found myself spending one month as part of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team.

A Vocation Story: The Hug I Never Gave

  Nov 4, 2020  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

I was a 22 year old kid from California, wore shorts and flip-flops, carried myself with an informal San Diego vibe, and spent my free time running around and playing sports. Bob was from the opposite side of the country having grown up in a small town in Massachusetts and had a much more serious persona, although he was a master of witty humor and clever word play. Sometime there are people who affect your life in ways that remain with you, even inspiring a vocation. Read how Bob influenced my life and my vocation, and maybe you will recall people in your life who have done the same for you.