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Originally from Columbus, Ohio (GO BUCKEYES!), Emanuel is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati (GO CATS!) and earned a graduate degree in counseling at the University of Dayton (GO FLYERS!). He finds himself reading all kinds of philosophy and, believe it or not, loves every minute of it! He enjoys good friends, good football (WHO DEY!), decent baseball (GO REDS!) and great hockey (GO JACKETS!). OK… he knows the Columbus Blue Jackets are not great yet but they will be! In the end, it is the life of Jesus Christ and the lives of the saints that inspire him most to do good in the world through the love of God and neighbor.

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The Devotion of an Olympian

The Devotion of an Olympian

For the next two weeks in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the world will celebrate an athletic tradition which began near Mount Olympus in mainland Greece in honor of Zeus in 776 BCE. Athleticism at its finest reveals the tremendous potential of the human person to exercise...