Talk 2: God has Given Us Gifts! | 2023 Lenten Retreat: Who do you say that I am?

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Podcast Episode:

Damian sets up the retreat by letting us know the focus of these 40-days of Lent will be on the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises. And as we begin, we discover that our entire life is a gift in which we have one goal. St. Ignatius posits this goal is also our identity. To help us understand our goal and our identity, Ignatius offers us the Principle and Foundation, which is the mission of our lives. Damian breaks open this Principle and Foundation and offers a suggestion on how we can better identify ourselves with God. 

Spiritual Exercises

Suggested Scripture for prayer

Questions for reflection:

  • Who in my life has helped me on my faith journey? Write these names down, slowly and intentionally, see their face in your imagination, recall memories, and give thanks for their presence in your life.
  • Who can I invite to join me on my faith journey? Remember, the Principle and Foundation is not about God and me, but rather about God, me, and all of creation. Who, if anyone, would you like to share the road of faith with? And then, maybe, reach out to them. 
  • Who have you excluded in your life, or, who could you love better in your life? Again, as my theatre professor said, if you want to know who you are, look at the people around you, and also, I would add, look at who isn’t around you. Why? Does this say anything about who you are?


Print or download the following PDF for helpful materials to help you reflect on the talk:

Talk#2_ God Has Given Gifts (Reflection Materials)



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