One-Minute Homily: “Finding Our Place”

Jesus came to put us in our place. Humble the exalted, exalt the humble. Uli Covarrubias, SJ, reminds us that through this Jesus calls us to be near him and the Father. Check out this week’s One-Minute Homily, based on the readings for September 1, 2019, which you can find here:

Finally, every book in its right place. 

Hi, I’m Uli Covarrubias, and this is my one-minute reflection. 

Much like a librarian working with books, Jesus, in his infinite mercy, has come to put us in our place. Giving us the human dignity that comes from being sons and daughters of the Father. 

How? Today’s gospel tells us. Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who are humble will be exalted.

In other words, Jesus comes to lift up the lowly and to knock the prideful off their high horse. 

We’ll probably agree that these are good things.   

But we might be a little less enthusiastic when living by these principles takes us beyond our comfort. 

When lifting up the lowly means giving up something we cherish, or we have to help someone who doesn’t look, think or act like us, or when it’s we ourselves getting knocked off the horse. 

Yet both of these help us to see ourselves and our neighbors as sons and daughters of God, no more, no less. 

And if we live according to them, we’ll be right where Jesus wants us, near him, near one another, and near the Father.  

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