12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go to Confession This Lent

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Humor

It’s Lent. God is still looking to draw us deeper into relationship, but who has time for that? For all zero of us that need more of an excuse, here are some reasons not to go to Confession this Lent:

1. You just went last month. Be careful or else you might get into a good habit.

2. You haven’t gone in years. I haven’t gone to the gym in years, either.

3. You haven’t killed anyone. Because that is the only sin, right?

4. You can’t find the sacrament of reconciliation on offer. Not like there is a website that can help you find it.

5. It’s not 4pm on Saturday. This is the only time most parishes offer the Sacrament. They can’t be serious about “by appointment” could they?

6. You aren’t going to die soon. Are you sure?

7. You might feel better. Why would you want to do that?

8. The priest might be mean. This actually happened to me once. I got to forgive him, too.

baptism meme

9. Pope Francis goes to Confession. Who wants to be like that guy?

Francis confession

10. You might have to wait in line. …and there might be a loud old lady in front of you. It’s annoying when other people want reconciliation with God and neighbor, too.

11. You have to admit you have sinned.  Who wants to do that? I mean it’s not like God is offering forgiveness and a way forward, right? Wait…

12. Your sins will be forgiven. Sometimes change is hard. We are called to amend our lives. God can’t be serious about helping us, can He?

Bless Me Father


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