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Mind @ peace - (A content life) | Flickr User Rosh PR | Flickr Creative Commons

Two pop songs have been blowing out the subwoofers of my community-owned Corolla: Tove Lo’s “Habits” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be.” Both have taught me and other listeners how to (and how not to) live a healthy, balanced life. They may do the same for you. 

Tove Lo, “Habits”


Don’t… do this to precious french fries! 

Do… admit you’re having a tough time, whether it’s from a breakup, job or school issues, or family troubles. Get it off your chest and process it out. And then move on. Wallowing in the frustration will undo any progress you make. 

Mind @ peace - (A content life) | Flickr User Rosh PR | Flickr Creative Commons

Mind @ peace – (A content life) | Flickr User Rosh PR | Flickr Creative Commons

Don’t… just hook-up with any random dude or girl. It’s easy to chase after any sort of affection when we’re down and out, but excessive hooking up only exacerbates our loneliness. With increased loneliness we are susceptible to not only to abusing substances but also allowing ourselves to be used. 

Do… take an accurate accounting of substance use and abuse. Let friends in to keep you honest so you don’t do this potentially difficult task by yourself. 

Don’t… chase after any fleeting pleasure like Tove Lo in the video. She bounces from person to person, club to bathroom to club to bed. Ultimately she seems unfulfilled. Know yourself and allow yourself to be grounded in yourself and in good situations where you are in control of you and your surroundings. 

Clean Bandit, “Rather Be”


(Also, maybe don’t work in a fish market. You’d stink. That being said, I’ll take two tuna filets, please.)

Do… allow yourself to be reminded of your friends, lover, family, and other close connections on a regular basis. It’s consoling to be reminded that you’re loved, especially when you’re having a rough patch. Such consolation dampens our spiritual mood swings and makes us healthier and more balanced. It may just keep you from getting high and going to sex clubs and being lonely and miserable with Tove Lo.

 Don’t… be spooked if you’re constantly thinking of friends, a lover, family and other close connections. It might just be that God is reminding you of how beautiful and wonderful you are. They may be thinking of you as well, so keep in touch with them!

 Do… realize the effect your time with loved ones has on you. Who can make a trip to the hospital better? The friend who took you there. Who can make a crappy day at work better? The co-worker on G-chat with you during the same meeting. Who can make a vacation to Disney World better? Heck, almost anyone, but certainly a friend or family member. It doesn’t matter where we are or what the situation is. It doesn’t matter if we’re at a Japanese fish market, Disney World, or driving across the country. If we’re with someone we love and who loves us, then God is there – where else would you rather be?



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