TJPodcast: Pints, Prayers, and Barber Chairs

by | Nov 5, 2013 | TJPodcast

"Balbriggan - Barber's Shop," by William Murphy on Flickr

“Balbriggan – Barber’s Shop,” by William Murphy on Flickr

Greetings, dear reader! This is Ryan Masterson.

There is an (almost cliché) Irish saying advising one to never let the truth get in the way of a good story. On a recent trip to a new barber I was pleasantly reminded that in order to take that advice I must actually put in the time of listening to the story on offer to know what the truth of it is in the first place. What might Christ have in store for me if I but take the time, however inconvenient it may seem in the moment, to listen?

God bless… and slainte!


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