#TBT – Trick or Treat!

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Jack O'Lanterns courtesy Flickr user tattooedstranger
Jack O'Lanterns courtesy Flickr user tattooedstranger

Actual Jesuits

Want to see some weird Halloween costumes? Like really weird? I mean, the creepiest and most nightmare-inducing costumes this side of Miley Cyrus? Well then why don’t we take a look through the Jesuit family Halloween album? There just might be some real gems of our favorite Jesuits in there.

Ah, here we are. Domo arigato, Fr. Gilger. Editor-in-chief Paddy Gilger, SJ is showing off the brand new PLG-35 robot. Batteries not included!

Matt Spotts, SJ feels the need, the need for speed. And a good haircut. Cue Kenny Loggins.


Ralph Macchio ain’t got nothing on Juan Pablo Marrufo, SJ – he’s the best around! Wax on, wax off…

As for me, I couldn’t find any photos from my childhood Halloweens. I never celebrated it much as a child, so this means you’ll never see the photos of first-grade Vinny dressed as Harpo Marx. Why be something normal like Dracula or a pirate when I could be a Vaudevillian pantomine… Anyway, before I rant about my childhood, pace yourself and your candy intake this year and have a very Happy Halloween!


Jack O’Lanterns courtesy Flickr user tattooedstranger


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