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Let’s face it: The Church of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today has gotten soft. Hardcore nuns swapped their swag of intimidation for pants suits, the way of the cross replaced by felt banners and Battle Hymns of Christian glory such as Lift High the Cross were ditched in favor of the soft sanctity of Dan Schutte and the St. Jesuits (P.S. I love you, Dan Schutte.  No joke). We stopped following rules and started to follow feelings.

Stood up to Nazis long before Harrison Ford's character went looking for relics.

Stood up to Nazis long before Harrison Ford’s character went looking for relics.

Whatever happened (to, er, paraphrase 2 Timothy) being a ‘lil soldier for Christ?

The folks at Cracked.com remind us that at least some people have a fondness for the “take no prisoners” type of faith with this rundown of 5

Priests Who Turned Badass When Things Got Critical. Highlighting religious leaders who felt that giving last rites and counsel was not enough, these priests/pastors got in there Chuck Norris-style and took the battle into their own hands. From World War II to the battle in Iraq, these men are engaged in espionage, counterfeiting, and using their bodies as human shields…all in the name of Christ.

And if that’s not enough for you, check out 5 Badass Movie Priests. These priests fight the cosmic battle of good vs. evil on the largest stage on earth…Hollywood. From Kung fu to “exercisin’ the demons to blowin’ away bad guys.


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