TJPodcast: WYD Wrap Up

by | Aug 4, 2013 | MAG+S & WYD

Biggest. Catholic. Beach. Party. Ever.   WYD was a whirlwind. Many evenings after the press conferences (and sometimes over a few caipirinhas), we had a chance to chat with other people working to cover WYD.  Those conversations made us realize how much we enjoyed the chance to talk about faith and culture with each other — not to mention how hard we laughed while we did it.

We didn’t want to leave our conversation trapped on “Popacabana” beach. So here it is. For our first installment, TJP editors Sam Sawyer, SJ and Eric Sundrup, SJ are joined by Salt and Light Television producer Sebastian Gomes.

We’d been looking for this kind of conversation — that’s serious about faith, but not so much about itself. So we’re thinking about turning this into a regular podcast, both because we love doing it and because somebody needs to put faith in contact with culture rather than in opposition to it.  We’ll be involving both TJP contributors and other interesting people on the web, so who knows who could show up next.

If that sounds like something you’d want to listen to, let us know in the comments, by social media, or by email ([email protected]). If this is going to be a regular podcast, it also needs a name — we’re brainstorming several ourselves, but we’re always open to suggestions.


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