Worth Watching: PLINKO!!!

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Get your TiVo, DVR, and VCR ready for September 27, 2013. On that night, we will all sit at the edge of our sofas and dig our nails into the upholstery at the prospect that someone might win $50,000 by playing a game of higher/lower and sliding a chip down a board. “The Price is Right” will air an all-Plinko episode, and it will be a glorious manifestation of all things good and right.

I’m pretty sure that Plinko covers all five of Aquinas’s Proofs for God’s existence. Let’s see… something has to move that Plinko chip (and the hope riding on it). Something had to cause Plinko and its accompanying joy. The Plinko chip must be contingent on something for its existence. We live in a world of varying degrees of perfection (with God as Perfection), and Plinko is darn-near close to perfection. Plinko leads us toward an end of happiness, which leads us to God. Now that’s how you explicate philosophy.

See, “The Price is Right” builds community by bringing together church groups, spring breakers, sailors, and Rod Roddy. And is there any other game on TPIR that elicits such a wild, rapturous response from the crowd? I know it ain’t that stupid mountain climber game – gave me nightmares all the time. No, silly, it’s Plinko!  Rumor has it that when EMTs try to resuscitate a patient, they whisper, “Plinko” in the patient’s ear. If (s)he doesn’t respond, then they use defibrillators. Plinko is that potent, energizing, and life-giving.

Plinko is a simple, exhilarating game that brings people together. We all root for the contestants to win, and we all share in their victory or defeat. And now to whet your appetite for September…




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