Weeks in Review — May 27 – June 16, 2013

by | Jun 16, 2013 | Week in Review

Weeks in Review

Weeks in Review

2013 Ordination Class

New Jesuit Priests

Please join all of us here at TJP in thanking God for our sixteen Jesuit brothers, newly ordained to the priesthood over the last two weeks. Among them are a few familiar names from our pages: essayists Peter Folan and Jayme Stayer, and our own editor-in-chief, Paddy Gilger. May God bring to completion the good work he has begun in them!

Sixteen new priests, and at least that many individual stories of how they got there — even if every book and film “priest story” follows one of five basic plots, as Joe Hoover noted, while pointing out the deeper story behind all of it.

Along with Joe’s “priest story,” here are another three pieces from the last three weeks good enough that you should …

Stop Here, Read Now

Have you heard …
Some (more) musical musings from TJP, to go along with the “Jazz Pope”

Memorials, mourning, and goodbyes

Culture & Controversy Watch

We hope you’re all enjoying your summers — as for us, we’re gearing up to be in Rio for World Youth Day in less than a month. So on our next spin through Weeks in Review, we’ll see you there.


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