Summer Music Festival Guide – #tbt

Neon Sign for Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Recoil Rick

Neon Sign for Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Recoil Rick

I went to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival five Junes ago. It was a wonderful time of checking out new bands like Grupo Fantasma, Back Door Slam, and Lez Zeppelin, seeing legends like Robert Plant, B.B. King, and Pearl Jam, and being in the pit for my all-time favorite – Metallica. Thousands upon thousands of people descended upon little Manchester, TN that weekend and there’s just nothing like the community of music lovers at summer festival. We’re all there for (mostly) the same reason – to listen to great music, enjoy the fellowship of a community, and even make new friends. For example, the guy who fixed my grill was the friend of the cook of the Buffalo Bills. His friend’s kebabs are still the best I’ve ever had.

With the growth of summer music festivals in the States, like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Made in America, chances are you may be going to one. Here are Throwback Thursday’s Tips for a great experience at a summer music festival based on festivals past.

First, bring all necessary supplies like a grill, some food and ice, and a tent. Cleanliness is essential, so stock up on hand sanitizer and wipes because it can get messy. Green Day learned this the hard way at 1994’s Woodstock.

Next, remember that you’re in ‘Murca, and good ‘Murcans take a moment to honor their nation. Toby Keith or Lee Greenwood are not, however, necessary for this. Take it away, Jimi.

Now you’re ready to sit back and listen to some great music. Queen’s set at Live Aid ‘85 in London’s Wembley Stadium is simply magical – enjoy “Radio Gaga.”

Finally, please show some courtesy and leave the campgrounds as you found them. Rioting will not empty the parking lot out any quicker.

There you have it! If you follow Throwback Thursday’s guide to surviving and thriving at summer music festivals, you’ll be sure to be swept away by an ocean of music, bob up and down in the embrace of the waves of the community, and avoid that guy who definitely hit an iceberg.


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