Month in Review — April 27 – May 27, 2013

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Weeks in Review

Weeks in Review

As we head into the summer, it’s time to run down the last month at TJP. (Yes, we know — it’s been a whole month! What can we say? Most of us here are grad students of one sort or another, and it’s been exam season.)

But other milestones than exams were marked as well — we had our ten-thousandth “Like” on the TJP Facebook page. We’re on the lookout for our next ten thousand readers, and we’d like your help.

Four to Read Right Now
If you’ve missed these, you can fix that now.

Word Watch
Some simple words, worth thinking about more deeply

  • Alleluia — returned to us in the Easter season, and meaning, for Keith Maczkiewicz, “God redeems this.”
  • Pride — and protectiveness, that leads to compassion. Joe Simmons tells us how.
  • Justice — Nate Romano on making room for “restorative justice” in our legal system
  • Slash — as in the punctuation mark, which Tim O’Brien tells us deserves a second thought.
  • Equal — Paul Lickteig points us at a photography project, “Created Equal,” worth a careful look.
  • Love — Perry Petrich, reflecting on how it was revealed in Jason Collins’s coming out and Macklemore’s “Same Love”
  • Practice — as the NBA and NHL playoffs revved up (a month ago, and still going strong), Jeff Sullivan was thinking about the “sweat equity” of practice
  • Devil — the one Ignatius called “the enemy of our human nature,” the one Pope Francis seems to talk about a lot. Quang Tran explains what’s up.

A Few Farewells
Some things we said goodbye to in the last month

  • Kris Kross — You Can’t Take It With You bid goodbye, among others, to one of the artists who brought us “Jump”
  • Osama bin Laden — marking one year since his death, #tbt (Throwback Thursday) on whether or not we should rejoice in it
  • The Office — #tbt, reflecting on series finales and closure (or lack thereof: we’re looking at you, Sopranos)

On What’s Due to Whom
Making good on things owed, in one sense or another

Binding Us Together
Some very different forms of life together

  • All Greek to Me — Vinny Marchionni on what he learned about community working with fraternities and sororities
  • The Corporate Man — Chris Schroeder looks at the questions raised by a man’s decision to sell shares in himself

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we’re gearing up to spend a good chunk of the summer south of the Equator (have we mentioned we’re going to Rio?) — but we’ll keep up with happenings back at home too. We hope you get a chance to break out the backyard barbecues and beach towels — after, of course, you take some time to catch up on TJP.


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