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World Trade Center by dfbphotos via Flickr.

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment of our new series for “Throwback Thursdays” or #tbt. Also check out Vinny’s piece for Valentine’s Day.

First-graders tend not to pick up on the gravity of news stories. You could add me to that sort of list when it comes to the 1993 World Trade Center attack, which occurred twenty years ago this week. I did not realize [1] what terrorism was and [2] that terrorists wanted to hurt innocent civilians who were just going about their day. As someone who grew up in a post-USSR, pre-9/11 bubble of grunge, TGIF, and Bill Clinton, I did not understand how people could be driven to destruction of random life and property. Though my taste in music, television, and politics have changed, I still can’t comprehend terrorism.

As we remember the 20th anniversary of this precursor, let’s continue to pray for peace and the reconciliation of religions, cultures, and persons.

Here’s an initial report from network news.

Here is Charles Gibson and company on ABC’s “Good Morning America” a few days after the attack.

Investigators share their ingenious way of locating the mastermind of the attacks.


Cover photo of the World Trade Center by dfbphotos via Flickr.


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