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Academy Award Winner by Dave_B_ via Flickr.

That’s right folks, it’s Throwback Thursday. And I confess that the 2013 Academy Awards didn’t do much for me this year. I was pleasantly surprised that “Argo” beat out “Lincoln” for Best Picture, showing that Ben Affleck has great directing chops (go see “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town” if you don’t believe me). Daniel Day-Lewis deservedly cemented his place in Oscars history by winning his third Best Actor award, this time for “Lincoln.” Yet to be frank, I really didn’t want to see Seth McFarland/Peter Griffin host the show, and my misgivings were confirmed with some the crude, sexist humor from the show.

Film has the power to shape us and draw from us emotions that call us to grow as individuals and as a human family. Below are some of examples of films and the actors who have left indelible impressions on the art of film as well as on society. Which Oscar moments have left such impressions on you? Simply scroll to the comments section on the bottom of the page and let us know.

Sidney Poitier’s breaking the color barrier after his 1964 Best Actor award for “Lilies of the Field.” N.B. This telecast is from 1964, and the announcer’s language reflects that.

Roberto Begnini’s exuberance after “Life is Beautiful” won the Best Foreign Language Film award in 1999.

Tom Hanks’s moving acceptance speech for Best Actor in “Philadelphia” that reminds us of every person’s common dignity.

And, finally, Heath Ledger’s family accepting his posthumous award for “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as The Joker.


Cover photo: Academy Award Winner by Dave_B_ via Flickr.


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