Gone ‘Til Movember

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World Beard and Moustache Championships 195 by rocemm.wordpress.com via flickr.
Tom Selleck by josh.ev9 on Flickr.

Tom Selleck by josh.ev9 on Flickr.

We at The Jesuit Post fancy ourselves culturally sensitive, globally aware, and down-right pop-culture savvy. And yet we have neglected to even mention – let alone report on! – one of the most newsworthy events of November…or should I say “Movember”?

For the rest of our devoted ATL readers who may be unfamiliar with Movember, check this out. It’s basically “save the ta-tas,” but with a side order of  mo’ style to go along with that substance. According to this article, 1.9 million mo’ bros and mo’ sistas have raised over $281 million globally from 2004 to 2011 for prostate cancer research by rockin’ their best Tom Selleck-esque ‘mo.

How could we have failed to report on such an event? So on behalf of TJP, I offer our sincerest apologies to you, Mr. Handlebar Mustache Wearer.

We have failed you, Mr. Religiously-motivated Facial Hair Grower.

Hipster beard against a blue sky by Malingering on Flickr.

Hipster beard against a blue sky by Malingering on Flickr.

Like Occupy Wall-Street, a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and your college Emo-Punk-Reggae-Ska fusion band, Mr. Hipster, we are just the latest in a long line of disappointments.

We’ve also overlooked some other facial hair gems of this recently-ended Movember:

In mid-Movember, the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships were held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I know that you, like I, were probably disappointed that ESPN didn’t cover it. But in case you need a reminder, here’s a photo gallery of the winners.

Jeff Sullivan's (Scary) Selfie

Ladies and gentlemen, the author (last Movember).

And finally, late-Movember marked the premiere of the second season of IFC’s Whisker Wars. If you haven’t seen an episode of Whisker Wars, it’s basically a mashup of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Duck Dynasty – all with the excitement of (what else?) professional beard growing and grooming. What’s next, a show about Dogs in the City? Oh wait…

So here’s to you, our neglected beard and mustache growers…and to those that love them. Remember, if you’re wearing it, then we’re staring at it.

(If any of our ATL readers have a great Mo-vember story or ‘stache (this includes you, my mo’ sistas) that you want to/need to share with the world, please email your stories and pics to me at [email protected].)


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