When Cakes Fly

by | Nov 12, 2012 | Uncategorized

Justin Timberlake by edwark662 on Flickr.
Justin Timberlake by edwark662 on Flickr.

You cannot “bring sexy back” without a receipt.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel recently married in southern Italy. Celebrity gossipers and media hounds quickly said “bye, bye, bye” to the magic of the magical wedding and demanded to know why Justin’s former N’Sync bros did not receive an invite to the ceremony; and why one of Justin’s good friends made a distasteful video that seemed to mock homeless people; and why Jessica Biel chose a pink dress over the traditional white.

Some people are already comparing Justin’s jump for joy on the front cover of People’s Magazine with Tom Cruise’s jump on Oprah’s couch, showing his excitement about marrying Katie Holmes.  And the question behind this comparison: Why did Justin jinx himself by “copying” Cruise?

In the media, these cynical “whys” have overshadowed not just the wedding, but also a beautiful story about how Justin’s elderly grandparents partook of their grandson’s joy. Timberlake’s “Poppa” became ill and couldn’t make the wedding, and his “Granny” stayed back to care for him. Justin, who reveres his grandparents, decided to send them more than just pictures of the wedding – he sent them slices of wedding cake that flew over 5000 miles from Italy so that they could partake of the celebration.

While the world’s driving itself crazy asking “why?” about the wedding, we might do well to have a look at Granny and Poppa, who savoring every crumb of sweet life, wishing just as many years of love and joy for their grandson and new granddaughter.