Real Talk at ESPN

Stephen A. & Brandon Marshall from

Stephen A. Smith & Brandon Marshall

I love this exchange between athlete and announcer.

I love it because it is neither a canned, in-depth, “serious” interview wherein time must be carved away from football talk to get deep into this wide receiver’s personal and spiritual conversion. Because these things must be kept separate.

Nor is it the type of usual exchange between on-field broadcaster and religious athlete who has just won some big game: when asked about how he did it, he first acknowledges he’d like to thank God, or Jehovah, or his personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom etc etc, which the reporter quickly brushes past to get on to the “real” matter of the interview.

No, it is just two guys in the sports world talking spontaneously, unreservedly and intelligently, within analysis of a football game, about the mechanics of spirituality, scripture and evangelization. It’s a bright little gem. Enjoy.


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